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Art as visual experience 

Our service is centred on client connectivity through art direction, consultation and curation. Our abilities are as diverse as the clients we serve and we thrive on projects that expand our own conceptual process. 

We offer creative consulting services. We guide our clients on outreach and presentation and we create curated visual experiences. Whether you are an independent seeking consultation or a business looking to extend your visual presence, we are here for you.

Moorhouse building by Fosters and Partners is our main office

Moorhouse building by Fosters and Partners is our main office

One Step Ahead x Moorhouse 

A collective exhibition of works by BettyBellù - Noel Shelly - Patrizia Dottori

The expression and communication of emotions is one of the most basic motives for artists both in dance as in visual art.

The dance creates a very different perception of time and space for the dancer: time is marked by the rhythmic ordering of movement and by the duration of the dance, and
space is organised around the paths along which the dancer travels or around the shapes made by the body. Grace fluidly of movements, equilibrium, and harmony are among the skills which are required by dancers who use bodies as the instruments through which the art is created.

Costumes, rhythms, sequences of steps dance evokes traditions and history, guiding our imagination into new and fantastic places.

Four visual artists have used different media to interpret the dance world. From ballet and contemporary dance to the rhythms of South American and African tribal dances where movement and dresses evoke beauty and emotions.

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George Khachfe x One Carter Lane

Bronze Age - Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 152 cm

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