Conceptualised Space Planning


Private Properties

ArteMea works on small and large scale projects including: one-on-one consultations for single art purchases, art selection and installation for private residences or in collaboration with a client’s interior designer, and assistance in securing specific art works

Much of what we offer our public venue clients, we can bring to your private residence or apartment. We work directly with home-owners or with your interior designer to curate anywhere from one to all rooms in a dwelling. Our services are fully personalized to fit your needs, time and art preferences and we approach every project with the same dedication and enthusiasm – whether you are looking for a Picasso or a new emerging artist, we will devote ourselves fully to meet your needs.

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Public Spaces

This service can be tailored to the project manager's and/or owner's liking. From traditional offices with white walls to hip and modern boutiques hotels, we curate all areas with an immaculate attention to detail taking into account the architecture and design of the room itself to make sure every artwork, sculpture, lighting, and design element achieves the intended ambience and character.