Endless is a London-based artist. His provocative and radical creations tell a story of our world that is bold and intense. Starting out using the walls of our nation’s capital as his canvas, Endless’ reputation has risen to capture the attention of its residents, foreign visitors and the media alike.

The public buzz around his work has snowballed, to a point where now iconic brands, celebrities and the art world all know his name. Today, Endless continues to devote a large portion of time to art on the streets. But his most exclusive work can be found in London’s most prolific galleries, as well as within the homes of the well-established.

Exhibitions 2017 -2018


•Contemporary & Co. Cortina  - August 2018 www.contemporaryandco.com

•Liquid Identity Exhibition - Venice June 2018 www.artemeaadvisory.com/gart-artemea-in-venice/

•Shock London x ArteMea – Mural inside DCCH March 2018 www.artemeaadvisory.com/shock/

•Oxo Tower by Endless  February 2018  www.artemeaadvisory.com/oxo-tower-by-endless/

•Crotch Grab at  Blattler April 2018 www.artemeaadvisory.com/events/2018/4/12/crotch-grab-by-endless

•Holiday House collab ArteMea - Iggi Design Showroom November 2017 www.artemeaadvisory.com/holiday-house-london/

•Beaut at the Exhibitionist Hotel, Kensington, solo exhibition 03 August - 30 September 2017


Selected works only - more available

Please email laura@artemeaadvisory.com for more info and Catalogue


Murals for Interiors and exteriors for private and public spaces are available on commission.