DESIGN CENTER CHELSEA HARBOUR / 17th -22nd September 2017


Sensory Salon

ArteMea will be taking part in Focus/17 with DD Regalo as artist in residence creating a meditative artwork live.

Come and join us on the Third Floor, Design Centre East in the Sensory Salon.

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In an increasingly fast-paced world, experiences that speak to the senses bring an emotional connection. Thanks to a series of special collaborations, this space stimulates all five senses as well as giving a revitalising perspective on life and art. Taste a perfect cup of Jing tea; be surrounded by signature scent by Jo Malone London; and listen to soothing sounds from Bose speakers. Contemporary artist DD Regalo, represented by ArteMea Advisory, is well-versed in creating art that goes beyond a visual experience; he will create a meditative piece, full of colour and texture, that will develop as the week progresses, giving every reason for a repeat visit.


Focus/17 at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

Focus/17 brings together the design world at Design
Centre, Chelsea Harbour. With 120 exhibitors and over
100 immersive experiences, the packed programme offers a
rare level of access inside the creative process of design, and the
global talent behind it. An inclusive event, it is all about sharing ideas, passions, inspirations and conversations with in uences, established makers, emerging innovators and luxury brands.There are talks, demonstrations, workshops, receptions and discovery tours, alongside new dining experiences, bespoke installations and pop-ups.This fusion of design encounters, together with opportunities to connect with 600+ leading international brands, offers a dynamic collective unseen anywhere else.