Liquid Identity

June 2018


Endless x ArteMea in Venice

ArteMea, in collaboration with G'art [gallery of the arts] presents Liquid Identity.
A historic building, Scuola dei Laneri, located in the Venetian Lagoon is serving as a site for an art exhibition, portraying the work of two artists; emerging local, Alberto Vignazia AKA Papibulldozer (Italy) and affirmed British contemporary artist, Endless, represented by ArteMea.


While messing about with the city’s creative element - water - both artists enjoy experimenting different materials. They produce new trends and reinterpret their own artistic patterns pushing the audience to question the sense of this whole contemporary evanescence. Venice is the most sumptuous but fragile example.

Street art was born in the USA between the 70s-80s as an expression of “subculture”. It was then exported and celebrated in the most prestigious galleries in the world. Now street art appears to the public with these artists whose personal languages intertwine with the city. For Endless with the release of a new brand called “Eau de lagune”. An interesting artistic expression which uses bright colours and street style ironically and offers a new conscious meaning to the contemporary icons.



At the LIQUID IDENTITY event it is also present a photographic project designed by Stefano Ceretti.
Stefano is a professional photographer from Piemonte (Biella). Starting out from his passion for art and society he created a virtual place to socialize.
The title already suggests his peculiar inclination to bridge over landscapes, places, settings. In fact even if they are conventional, they acquire a new meaning just when the human subject arises.
He started out by shooting/promoting companies and commercial activities which consider first people (more than profit). Then #FEELPEOPLE® has naturally claimed a new value: perceiving people everywhere, no matter what.
So it came the moment to develop branches like #feelpeoplewall, #feelstreet, #feelportrait, #feelpregnant, #feelwedding, #feeldog and the “city” series as well:

Stefano is the only photographer who is allowed to follow close on our artists’ heels. He is our sharp eye on the different identities connected to LIQUID IDENTITY. In this way every pedestrian can join #FEELPEOPLE® community which now gets a special “liquid” sense:


At the Liquid Identity exhibition we will have the pleasure to present a bottle of EAU DE LAGUNE. It will be created especially for this event with Endless brand by the Glass Cathedral’s glassmaker. For this purpose the GLASS CATHEDRAL (former Church of Santa Chiara in Murano Island) joins the group of our excellent partners in town. A sharp artistic production which tries to offer a new awareness to the aesthetic expressions whose Venice is the most celebrated and recognised globally. As the Murano glass bottle is put on display in an oblique position, Venice appears to be the most stunning and fragile icon of contemporary worship.

Glass Cathedral_Murano.jpg


After a serious fire this building was supposedly rebuilt by Baldassarre Loghena in 1633. Today it still presents an Istrian stone façade and two doors on the ground floor. Each door shows an arch-shaped iron edge and it also keeps the wrought-iron initials of the patron saint.
Looking up at the first floor, you can see two double-arched windows on the side of an aedicula devoted to Saint Bernardino. Moreover on the top floor you can admire wonderful ogival windows with cartouche.
At the present the interior doesn’t have any furniture but it keeps the original wooden ceiling intact.
On the ground floor there is a wide room with three marbled columns. At last we can see the former Capitolo’s room on the first floor where some altars used to be in the past. Luckily we can still see them.  

onfraternity of the Laneri (wool guild)
Under the protection of Saint Bernardino, this confraternity had a specific altar in the Church of Saint Pantalon which can still be seen nowadays (the third one on the right).
The confraternity was divided into three branches: those who thrashed the wool, those who combed it with iron combs and those who untangled it with hooked iron combs.
They depended on the Camera del Purgo or on the Provveditor de Comun. In 1773 20 shop lads and 200 workers were archived. On the 4th of May, 1786 the Senate suppressed the agreement.
After the abolishment and various uses the building became a cinema as well. At the present the Patronato of Tolentini is located here. 

A quote from the book: "Scuole grandi e piccole a Venezia tra arte e storia" by S. Gramigna and A. Perissa

Our partners for Liquid Identity event