Public Venues

Restaurants, Private Clubs, Communal areas

ArteMea works with designers, restaurant and hotel managing directors, and business owners to curate a variety of different spaces based on purpose and clientele - we will source the ideal collection of design elements and artworks for you. 

This service can be tailored to the project manager's and/or owner's liking. From traditional offices with white walls to hip and modern boutiques hotels, we curate all areas with an immaculate attention to detail taking into account the architecture and design of the room itself to make sure every artwork, sculpture, lighting, and design element achieves the intended ambience and character.

Arte In Studio

June 2019

ArteMea Advisory and art consultant Serena Cassissa for this occasion have selected promising Italian artists on the Italian and international scene. The main theme of Arte in studio exhibition is the energetic use of colour declined with different techniques on many materials. It is a young and fresh proposal that conquers with its vitality, like this new collaboration between Laura and Serena.

Arte in studio can be visited by appointment in Milan.

DD Regalo - Oxo Tower Restaurant

May 2018

Atmosphere collection 

“I intended for people to think about the forces that influence and impact us beyond what we can directly see – the natural world, including energy, has a very powerful impact on our daily lives that might not be obviously evident.” – DD REGALO

In his new body of work, Atmosphere, Regalo explores the seemingly vast ‘empty’ space around us and suggests that there may be more than meets the eye. Referencing nature – forests, mountains, reflections on water and light – the collection features 5 original paintings on raw canvas including a 6-meter long installation inspired by the River Thames.

Applying a fluid and intuitive process, Regalo created each work in a single sitting, from beginning to completion, attempting to give each piece a distinct and uncontrived spirit and story. Using inks and dyes applied to loose raw canvas, Regalo’s process breaks traditional painting convention while achieving meaningful simplicity

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March 2018 

Visit the showroom at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour
Unit 314 Design Centre East 
From 26th February to 23th March 2018

Shock London is an alternative curated presentation by Steven Payne - Maison AD and Laura Pivetta - ArteMea Advisory, of rare works by London based artists and furniture makers from Paris.


February 2018

Endless presents his timeless CHAPEL artwork on the walls of the landmark Oxo Tower Brasserie. The artwork is his own take on the iconic Chanel No5 perfume, which rose to success through revolutionary marketing tactics employed by Coco Chanel in the early 1920s. Such tactics paved the way for the brand-obsessed culture in which we live today. The name change on the Endless bottle represents this culture shift in one word, ‘Chapel’ – a world where brands are the new deities; shops are the new churches, and celebrities, marketers and advertisers play the part of god. The gods in this piece include Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

George Khachfe - DCCH

February 2018

Design Centre Chelsea Harbour - Poliform and Flexform Showroom, " Visions, Past, Present and Future ”  Collection by George Khachfe

DD Regalo - Oxo Tower Restaurant 

June 2017 - February 2018

Oxo Tower Wharf is an award-winning, landmark building situated on the riverside walkway part of London’s fast moving South Bank and Bankside areas. Since its conception in the 1930s, Oxo Tower Wharf is home to some of the UK’s most innovative and internationally renowned contemporary designers, restaurants, cafes, bars and exhibition venues.

ArteMea is excited to announce that Dd Regalo is exhibiting 9 new paintings in the world-renowed OXO Restaurant located on the 8th Floor with stunning Central London views. This collection of nine abstract paintings by Canadian artist Dd Regalo is inspired by the movement and intensity of coastal landscapes and creates a vivid contrast to the cityscape surrounding OXO.

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Paul Robinson - Oxo Tower Gallery

June 2017 - February 2018

OXO Tower Brasserie and ArteMea Advisory have come together to present an exciting collection of prints and stencils by Grimsby-born fine artist Paul Robinson.

Unlike anything that has graced the walls of OXO before, Paul’s Ingenuity, ability and passion can be seen through this striking exhibition. Paul’s work includes large-scale oil on canvas, photographs, limited edition prints, wall sculptures and murals such as The Pink Spectrum - seven stencilled pink bears, one for each colour of the rainbow.

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Phil Dean - Shoreditch Sketcher 


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