Roaming Elephant


Matt Shapira is a prolific artist and storyteller on a mission to fill houses and city walls all over the world with his Roaming Elephants.

While studying Art History at Tulane University in New Orleans, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, and many other great impressionist helped cultivate and inspire his post impressionist brush stroke.

Matt’s art work is solely focused on bringing attention and awareness to the world of conservation for all living elephants, rescued or wild.

4 Years - 650+ Paintings - 30+ Murals around the world

Roaming Elephant Productions mission is to create with an eye towards entertaining and providing inspiration. Telling stories is a passion of Matt’s. Connecting people with a cause and finding ways to discuss important social and humanitarian issues. Whether in Film or on a canvas, Matt hopes to share his expressions in such a way as to make a difference. All projects have a charity and donation attached.

Letter from the Artist 

"While attending college in New Orleans, there was an art teacher who introduced me to V. Van Gogh, E. Degas and E. Monet, and so many other great artists. Their existing lives, cultures the way they saw the building shapes and colors, the different flowers resting under the dim lit lamp posts. It became an adventure to follow these artists in my own way - traveling to France, Netherlands, Spain, England, Czech Rep, Austria and many other Western European destinations. On my excursions, I kept thinking about those classes. Notably the lessons of a time these European artists found themselves seeking respect and approval and as a result success by the standards of the Salon de Independents. There were a clever few that found another way. A Separate non conformist solution to find and share their voices.

Like those artists I found my expression, my artistic voice in painting elephants. Just as so many other wild animals, elephants need our voices right now more than ever. The planets elephants have been roaming the earth for a very long time. They represent among other things, compassion, empathy and an extension of our ancient world. I consider all living things an citizen of the planet. I feel it is my calling and duty to do whatever I can, however I can, to protect the lives of these magnificent creatures.

In an effort to help spread the message of conservation for these majestic beings, I've begun a mission to paint canvas's and murals all over the world. Showcasing my work of elephants to all, and working with NGO's, as well as conservations, and sanctuaries to raise funds and awareness for their cause.

With gratitude and honour" MS


Selected works only - more available and different dimensions. Matt also works on commission.

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ArteMea is proud to work with Fathom, publishing partner of Roaming Elephant, based in Los Angeles.

Fathom and Roaming Elephant are publishing a series of Limited Edition Prints and Stationery Items to raise funds for various elephant organizations around the world. New Items will be added over the coming months, so please check back often.


Selected Prints: 12-color archival pigment print on green certified bamboo/cotton fine art paper, signed and numbered in the margins by the artist.

Roaming Elephant Art Cards

Selected Art Cards: Hand painted multiple, signed and numbered by the artist, 5X7 Mixed Media on Classic Crest Eggshell Paper from an edition of 125

A portion of all Roaming Elephant Art is donated to elephant preserves around the world.

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Elephants are majestic creatures. So many individuals, including Matt, find a connection in the depths of these incredible souls. His art is an interpretation of emotions. The feelings Matt gets when he think of these amazing creatures.

Artist, Filmmaker, StoryTeller