Your Art Advisory


ArteMea is an art advisory based in London, Venice and Milan specializing in contemporary art, conceptualised space planning and design

We aim to source works of the highest quality for our clients by working with the most prestigious galleries, artists and interior designers. For those in the market for up-and-coming artists, we operate a continuous networking and researching effort in London and abroad to offer a wide selection of promising and emerging artists. Our team also curates art works for display at public venues, high-end rentals and private residences to meet our clients’ tastes and needs. 

Our clients can also benefit from our full management services for their art collections. Through our extensive network of partners we ensure our clients receive the best possible services including organizing various restorations, finding appropriate framing options for new pieces, or making sure their collections are available to them worldwide. 

“In addition to providing a service, we aim to provide an experience. ArteMea can find art for you or with you, anytime anywhere. To us it is imperative that the art chosen by clients fit them like a perfectly tailored suit or bespoke shoes and that throughout the entire process they enjoy the ride.” 

Treviso office

Treviso office

“Not only do we work on large and small-scale projects but we also do one-on-one consultations for single art purchases so that you don’t have to go to a gallery alone. We can adjust our services to meet any of our client’s needs. This is a fully personalised art advisory where my experience, my personality and knowledge, my travels and discoveries, my studies and my style come together to serve you.”        - Laura Pivetta